Stations of the Cross at Kippax

Photo of Station of the Cross - Jesus Falls


 St. Mary's, Kippax, have commisioned a set of Stations of the Cross by Carole Walley, who is a member of our congregation and currently studying art at Leeds College of Art and Design.

The concept was to create panels of Stations of the Cross, inspired by her spiritual beliefs and encouraged by the Rev’d. Bruce Carlin, who immediately realised that not only would this further Carole’s studies but also inspire and embrace his congregation as some of the works reflected aspects of local scenes of Kippax

Until retirement from a career in nursing Carole’s artistic talents were mainly confined to creating ‘Faberge’ eggs, but seeking to extend her interest she enrolled on an Access to Further Education course at Leeds College of Art and Design, part of which, in her second year, was to produce a project illustrating the dynamics of human relationships through a variety of processes and media and this led to her ideas for a new Stations of the Cross which explores the relationships between Jesus and the people he encounters on the way to his crucifixion. These pieces are rich in colour and emotion using distortion to convey pain and suffering.

Carole was greatly encouraged by the excellent tutorial staff on the Access course at Leeds and applied her newly acquired skills to a variety of materials such as fabrics, inks and acrylic paints, printing on fabric and metal. New technology was introduced to produce some of the completed works.

They can also be viewed, from  Wednesday 17th February, whenever church is open - at service times and on Fridays between 09.30 and 12.00.

Photo of the 15th Station of the Cross - the Resurrection


The illustration at the top is the 7th Station:
Jesus Falls for the Second Time.

The illustration left is the 15th Station:
The Resurrection.

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