We are open for bookings for baptisms 
in line with the current Covid guidance.

Baptisms without singing up to 70 people:

• Masks worn inside. 
• Gel hands on entry and exit. 
• Track and Trace/bubbles. • 1m social distancing. 
• 70 people (excluding children under 5 
and those working, e.g. stewards, organists and photographers). 
• No singing. 
• Additional area and spacing for those who are exempt from mask wearing. 
• Continued stewarding and cleaning arrangements.

Baptisms with singing up to 45 people: same as above

For more information please speak to:

Janet Purcell (Allerton Bywater) - 07725722470

Janet Holland (Kippax) 0113 2864768

Diane Puxty (Swillington) 0113 2864465


You may also wish to visit the following websites for information about Baptism.

Baptism in the Church of England

The role of Godparents

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