Lone Working Policy

Allerton Bywater, Kippax and Swillington (AKS) Team Benefice Lone Working Policy

The PCCs of AKS wishes to ensure staff and volunteers are not exposed to unnecessary risk of working alone.  With regard to Lone Working, a risk could be deemed a situation occurring with a third party, but should also consider, but not limited to: fire risks, trip or fall, accident or ill health. Existing risk assessment for a building or activity should always be followed. These guidelines apply to working alone at the Church or when making home visits or other meetings away from Church related to an individual’s role.  AKS PCCs encourages staff and volunteers not to work alone wherever possible but recognises that this is at times unavoidable.

Individuals are expected to:

  • When working alone in the building ensure someone is aware you are there and that they have contact details both for you and the location of where you are working.
  • Make sure that someone knows what time you are expected home and let them know when you are home. If you are going to be later than expected, notify them, so they don’t raise the alarm when you do not return at the expected time.
  • When working alone ensure all external doors are locked.  Make sure keys are secure and ensure you still have an escape route in case of fire.
  • Call for back up if anything happens that you do not feel able to deal with alone.
  • Keep a mobile phone with you that is switched on and with sufficient battery life.
  • If alone in the building, do NOT open any door to let strangers in.
  • Use safe well-lit, publicly visible exit routes where possible.
  • If possible, avoid parking your car in badly lit areas, or where there are trip or fall hazards.
  • Should you feel ill whilst working alone – seek help immediately.
  • Whilst it may sometimes be necessary to meet people alone, you should try to do so in a well-lit area, in public, with people around, such as a café.
  • Meeting with vulnerable adults or children should not be done alone, always try to take a second person along, or speak with the Safeguarding Officer or Minister before undertaking the visit.
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